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Our owner is available to speak directly right now and same-day service is available in most cases. If you have a damaged sprinkler head and want the best repair options available, look no further than us. Fast emergency work available upon request in Saginaw, the mid cities (HurstEulessBedford) and surrounding areas.

New irrigation technology has emerged in recent years that can help Saginaw residents reduce the amount of water they use to irrigate their lawns and gardens. Water-saving rotating nozzles and rain shut off devices can all help save both water and money. We at DFW Sprinkler Repair Masters LLC are familiar with these options and offer them as part of our retrofitting services. Some water agencies even offer rebates on the purchase of these devices.

You can have the best irrigation system, and be an expert in water conservation, but if you don’t maintain your system, you won’t be doing everything you can to cut back on wasted water. Sprinkler head leaks, nozzle pop-offs, PVC pipes snaps, valve leaks, and a myriad of other problems can happen. Regular system maintenance is a must if you want to keep your sprinkler heads watering efficiently. Remember that water conservation is a big deal in Dallas-Fort Worth, especially during summer!

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We service all of Tarrant County and surrounding areas.

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“This team is great! I called on Tuesday and they were able to see me on the next day! They were very transparent and detailed in the pricing, Trever and Roy were professional, courteous, and worked quickly. Lastly the pricing was fair and certainly worth it!"

Dustin B.

"I’m getting ready to move and the buyers requested a few repairs on the sprinkler system. Trever was professional, friendly and punctual. I handed him the list of repairs and he got to work right away. He finished quickly, but paid attention to detail. I’m satisfied with the work done and highly recommend him and the company."

Tommy N.



Our team of technicians are licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to perform all irrigation services.


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